Physics 121 Lecture Slides

Prof. E. F. Redish

These are the slides from the PowerPoint presentation used in lecture. They will be posted either just before or just after the lecture takes place. Note that these slides only represent a skeleton of the presentation and do not include solutions to problems and questions posed, derivations, or representations of class discussions. If you miss a lecture, these notes do not suffice to fill you in on what happened! Be sure to check with someone who actually attended.

The files are Adobe PDF files. If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, or if your reader is too old to read these files, download and install a reader from the Adobe website at

The direct links from the dates yield handouts -- 3 slides per page with space at the right for notes. A file with one slide per page is available when there is an asterisk (*). That file can be obtained by clicking on the asterisk. It can then be printed 1, 2, 4, 6, or 9 slides to the page (but without lines for notes) by using the layout controls in Acrobat Reader.

Clicker questions used in lecture are not included here. They will be available at our CQ page sometime after the lecture is completed.

Monday Wednesday Friday
8/30(*) 9/1(*) 9/3(*)
No class: Labor Day 9/8(*) 9/10(*)
9/13(*) 9/15(*) 9/17(*)
9/20(*) 9/22(*) 9/24(*)
9/27(*) 9/29(*) 10/1(*)
10/4(*) 10/6(*) 10/8
(Review notes for exam)
10/11(*) 10/13(*) 10/15(*)
10/18(*) 10/20(*) 10/22(*)
10/25(*) 10/27(*) 10/29(*)
11/1(*) 11/3(*) 11/5(*)
11/8(*) 11/10(*) 11/12
(Review notes for exam)
11/15(*) 11/17(*) 11/19(*)
11/22(*) 11/24(*) Thanksgiving
11/29(*) 12/1(*) 12/3(*)
12/6(*) 12/8(*) 12/10(*)
(Review notes for final exam)


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