Phys 121 Text Spring 2012

***Special Notice***



Physics - What is it about ?

Lenghts at Play - Lenght, Area, Valume, Angle

Lenght - Time - Motion

Two Free Riders Plus Speed and Size of Moon

Kinematics - Description of Motion in One Dimension (Along x-axis). (Point Particles)

Vector Algebra / Trig. Identities

Kinematics - Two Dimensions - Projectile Motion

Relative Velocities - Inertial Observers

Newton's Laws (Point Objects)

Uniform Circular Motion - Kinematics and Dynamics

Some Consequences of Earth's Rotation

L, T, M Universal Law of Gravitation-Force

Conservation Principles

Potential Energy-Gravitational Force

Conservation of Linear Momentum

Circular Motion When Speed is NOT Constant


Types of Motion of a Rigid Body

Rolling Without Slip; etc

Conservation of Angular Momentum-Keplers Laws

Thermodynamics-Dynamics + One Thermal Parameter



Pressure of a Gas - Kinetic Energy

Modes of Heat Transfer

First Law of Thermodynamics

Frist Law - Thermodynamic Processes

Thermodynamic Processes

Second Law of Thermodynamics