Physics 601


Basic course information

Homework assignments:

Homework1--due September 11
Homework2--due September 18

Homework3--due September 25

Homework 4---due October 2  

Homework 5--due October 9

Homework 6--due October 16

Homework 7---due October 23

Homework 8-Due October 30

Homework 9---Due November 6

Homework 10---Due November 13

Homework 11---Due November 20

Homework 12---Due Dec. 4

Homework 13---Due Dec. 11



Homework solutions: 

HW1   HW2  HW3  HW4  HW5  HW6 HW7 HW8  HW9 HW10 HW11 HW12 HW13


Exam one solution (Courtesy of Don Perlis)  Exam1--Solution


Course Evaluation: 

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