Notes for Physics 752 (Prof. Agashe) – Spring 2011


1.     For extra dimensions (term paper), go here.


2.     Path/functional integral formalism


(i)                Derivation of general path integral formula is here.

(ii)              Review of relation between Interaction and Heisenberg pictures is here

(iii)            Discussion of Fermion field functional integral is here.

(iv)            Derivation of “Measure compensating function” for functional integral for gauge fields is here.

(v)              Conversion of measure compensating function into ghost fields is here.

(vi)            Discussion of derivative interactions (from Coleman’s “Aspects of Symmetry”) is here (see also Weinberg: section 9.3 of vol. 1) and article by Cheng referred to in Coleman is here.

3.     QCD:


           (i) Notes on deep inelastic scattering are here.


           (ii) Notes on Drell-Yan process are here.