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Dear Readers,

This has been another exciting month in the Physics Department! In addition to Awards and Honors, our faculty remain hard at work. Professor Ellen Williams' work, regarding Nanotechnology: Jitter Balls, was highlighted in Nature magazine, Professor O.W. Greenberg has just returned from Europe, where he gave several lectures and Professor Arptia Upadhyaya wrote this month’s Research Spotlight, regarding her research on Biophysics. Their passion for Physics never ceases to amaze me.

Additionally, Prakash Chitre, a former student of Professor Charles Misner, is the subject of this month' s Alumni Spotlight, and BaBar recently observed a new form of matter-antimatter transformation for the first time.

I'm confident that April will be another outstanding month for UMD Physics. Please view our list of upcoming events including the April Colloquia, Eyes on the Sky Lecture series and Maryland Day in the Up Next section and be sure to visit next month to read about and view pictures from some of these events.


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