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xxxxDecember 2006 - Issue 52

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xFalse color imagingxxxxresolved-point and extended sources
Image on the left displays false-color image of the deep exposure of the Chandra X-ray Observatory in the southern field (CDF-S). The image on the right displays the circled resolved point sources and extended sources that are removed from this field to determine the spectrum of the remaining unresolved X-ray background. Note that the two panels have different orientations. To read more on the search for matter in the unresolved x-ray background, view the Research Spotlight written by Kevork Abazajian.

On November 1, 2006, a special tea was held in honor of the departments Outstanding Teaching Assistants. Visit the Recent Events section to view the photo album and list of winners.

University of Maryland-Physics has 6% of the country's notable physics teachers. In a recent pamphlet from the American Association of Physics Teachers, celebrating 75 years since its founding, 75 of the nations notable teachers were interviewed. The following faculty were mentioned and interviewed in the pamphlet:
Richard Berg
Sylvester Gates
John Layman
William Phillips
Edward Redish
Visit the News Section to view more faculty awards, honors and recognitions.

Professor Xiangdong Ji has just returned from traveling to Beijing, China, where he attended the Inaugural Ceremony of the High-Energy Physics Center. To view more information about his visit or other events, visit the Recent Events section.

This month's Alumni Spotlight highlights the UMD journey of Alumnus Matthew LaHaye. LaHaye graduated with a PhD from Maryland in 2005.

Physics Phun Phact:

Physics Science Tech Bill Norwood's daughter documented her 30 day journey of eating nothing but raw food. She made a film that was released this summer called "Supercharge Me...30 Days Raw" where she shows how raw food benefited her health. The article highlighting her work was featured in the November 9th issue of the Diamondback and is entitled "University Alum. Goes Raw for 30 Days."
For more information, visit: