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Alumnus Prakash Chitre is Currently Vice President of Comsat Laboratories

Prakash Chitre obtained his Ph.D, in Physics, from the University of Maryland in 1972 after receiving his bachelor and master’s degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. In addition to an education, Chitre credits the department for an enjoyable social experience.

“I wanted to do my Ph.D. in General Theory or Relativity,” said Chitre. “Professor Denis Sciamma recommended that I do my Ph.D. with Professor Charles Misner at the University of Maryland. I had a great time at UMD, both academically and socially. I made many friends and I met my wife, who was also doing her Ph.D. in the Physics Department.”

After graduation, Chitre worked as a post-doc in the U.S. with a stint in India for a year. Currently, he is the Vice President and General Manager of Laboratories, where he’s involved in research and development activities in ATM, ISDN, VSAT networks, data communications and network systems and architectures. He has been a major participant in Comsat's efforts in achieving seamless integration of terrestrial and satellite networks.  

Chitre has had a successful career and the advice he received as a student in Maryland remains with him to this day. In fact, so much so he passes the recommendation on.

“I really got great training in the Physics Department at Maryland,” said Chitre. “Students should make the best use of the outstanding faculty, great courses and seminars. As Professor Misner told me, when I was visiting there to give a seminar and I was seriously considering a career move from Physics…I can do anything successfully if I set my mind to it.  I took that advice to my heart and I would strongly recommend it to the current students.”



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