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xxxxxxDecember 2006 - Issue 52


Awards & Honors





Sarah Eno was awarded the University's Graduate Research Board Award. Dr. Eno plans to use the GRB to help lead the search for new particles at the LHC. Having a UMD member not only participate, but also lead this project will be an extraordinary

Sylvester Gates was awarded the 2006 AAAS Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology. Dr. Gates was honored for his sustained and career-long contributions to the public understanding of physics.

Erin Rericha, UMD post doc, won one of the Burroughs Welcome Career Award for her research regarding the interface of physics and biology. The award is worth $500,000 over five years. This fellowship will cover the next, up to, two years of her post doctoral training jointly, with Wolfgang Losert and Carole Parents at the National Cancer Institute. In addition, it will provide three or more years of funding toward her faculty startup.



In the News

In the Search & Discovery section of the December 2006 issue of Physics Today covered Sankar Das Sarma's p-wave superconductivity work that has officially come out on December 1, 2006.
In addition, in the same section, they covered the work of Victor Yakovenko. His paper developed a theory of the optical response of the p-wave superconductors, which demonstrates spontaneous breaking of the time-reversal symmetry in the superconducting state. This effect was experimentally discovered by Aharon Kapitulnik of the Stanford University in Sr2RuO4 in the summer of 2006. He will give a colloquium on this subject at our Department in February 2007.
To view the articles, visit:

Daniel Lathrop
was quoted in NOVA on October 24, 2006. He spoke about the magnetic field that surrounds and protects the Earth.

Rajarshi Roy was quoted on C-SPAN 2, on October 16, 2006, speaking about the North Korea Nuclear test and policy effects of the six nation talks.

Alumna, Tanja Horn's PhD thesis paper appeared in the Physics Review Letters this past November. A story also appeared on the JLAB website at .