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19th Annual Spring Academic Festival

April 20, 2007 - Math Rotunda 3:00 PM

Maryland Day

April 28, 2007 - Department of Physics

*For more information visit: http://www.physics.umd.edu/events/spevents/MD_Day/index.html

April Colloquia:

03 - The Universe of Galaxies (Vera Rubin, Carnegie Institutions of Washington)

10 - Constraining Inflation with the CMB (Matias Zaldarriaga, Harvard University)

17 - Why Quantum Theory? (Jeffrey Bub, University of Maryland)

24 -GeV Electron Beams from a Cm-Scale Laser Wakefield Accelerator (Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

* For further information, please visit: www.physics.umd.edu/events/colloquia/

April Eyes on the Sky Public Lecture:

12 - Tilting the Planets (Doug Hamilton, University of Maryland)

*For further information, please visit: www.physics.umd.edu/eyes_on_the_sky/

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