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Awards & Honors

Dan Lathrop gave the Bullard Lecture at the Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in San Francisco in December with the title "Building laboratory models of planetary cores." This is the only named lecture of the geomagnetics division of the AGU.

On Wednesday March 21, 2007, Michael E. Fisher gave the "Emmett L. Centennial Lectureship in Physics" at the Dept. of Physics, University of Texas at Austin. The title was "Molecular Motors: Observations and Theory"



In the News

Professor Ellen Williams' work, regarding Nanotechnology: Jitter Balls, was highlighted in Nature magazine. To view the full blurb, visit: www.nature.com/nature/journal/v446/n7135/full/446472a.html

The BaBar experiment was the cover story of the Symmetry Magazine, a monthly magazine jointly published by Fermi Lab and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). Hassan Jawahery, Professor and BaBar spokesperson, was quoted in the article. To read the full article, visit: www.symmetrymagazine.org/cms/?pid=1000424

Chris Lobb, Professor, and Matt Sullivan, Alumnus, were quoted in an article that appeared on Sciencecareers.org. The article was entitled "Career Prospects in Superconductivity." To read the full article, click here.

James Gates, Professor, was featured in an article in the Ithaca Journal on February 13. Professor Gates was at Ithaca College to give a talk regarding Superstring Theory and our physical universe. The talk was given February 19.

George Gloeckler, Emeritus Professor, was quoted in the Innovations Report of Germany, on February 20th, in an article about new satellite data over temperatures at the north and south poles of the sun. Recent observations show that the average temperature of the southern polar coronal hole at the current solar minimum is as low as it was 10 years ago in the northern polar coronal hole. This implies that the asymmetry between north and south has switched with the change of the magnetic polarity of the sun.

Robert Park, Professor, was quoted in the February 11th issue of the Ocean County Observer. The article covered the shutdown of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory, on the Ivy League campus, after 28 years of studying ESP and telekinesis. Park says " it's been an embarrassment to science and I think an embarrassment for Princeton." The story and quote was also picked up by Nature in the February 14th issue and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on February 16th.


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