Student projects for Physics 776, Spring 2003
Instructor: Ted Jacobson

Haihong Che
Electromagnetic Duality and Black Holes

Chris Eling
Black Holes and the Weak Field Limit In General Relativity with a Preferred Frame

Tehani Finch
Phase Transitions of Thermal Radiation in Anti-de Sitter Space

David Fiske
Bounding Curvature by Modifying General Relativity

Brendan Foster
The Class of Causally-Concerned Objects Can Confuse

Breno Imbiriba
A Report on the Noether Charge Approach to the 1st Law of Black Hole Mechanics

Violeta Prieto-Gortcheva
Utcha Kutza Black Holes

Jurgen Sauter
The Spinning Black Ring

Ram Sriharsha
The Black String Instability