Physics 622

Take-home final: The 622 take-home final exam is now ready.  It may be picked up at any time at Tom’s  office (2104 Toll Physics Building).  The exams are in an envelope on the outer door.  When you pick up the exam sign your name and e-mal address and the time the exam is picked on the sign out sheet on the door.  If you plan to start the exam at a later time then it is picked up indicate that on the sign out sheet.     

You have 48 hours to do the exam.  When it is completed return it to Tom.  If he is not in his office, the door to his outer office will be open and you can return the exam in the envelope on the door of his inner office.  Before doing so please seal your exam in an envelope and sign it.  Envelopes will be available on the table of the inner office.

Please indicate on the sign sheet that you have retuned the exam.

If some reason it is impractical to return the exam immediate at the end of the 48 period, place the exam in an envelope, seal it and write the time it was completed on the envelope.  You may then get the exam back to Tom at the next convenient time.

The absolute final deadline to return the exam is 4:00 p.m. December 19.


Basic course information---including the course outline

Homework assignments:  (Unless otherwise stated problems are from Sakurai)

Due Sept 10:  Chapter 1----problems  2, 3, 4 (parts a,b,c), 7, 8, 16, 23

Due Sept 17:  Chapter 1----problems  17, 19, 20, 24, 26, 29a, 33

Due Sept. 24: Problem set 3

Due Oct. 1: Problem set 4

Due Oct. 8: Problem set 5

Due Oct. 15 Problem Set 6

Due Oct. 29:  Problem Set 7

Due Nov 5:  Problem Set 8

Due Nov 12 Problem Set 9

Due Nov 19 Problem Set 10

Due Dec 3 Problem Set 11

Due Dec 10 Problem Set 12