Physics 276  

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Experimental Physics II
Electricity and Magnetism

Spring 2015

Sections 0401 - Wednesday, and

0301 - Thursday

Instructor: Prof. Steven Anlage

Teaching Assistant: 

Rui Zhang (0401 - Wed.) ryez [at]  
Iakov Boyko (0301 - Thurs.) iboyko [at]

Teaching Labs Coordinators: Mr. Allen R. Monroe
  Mr. Tom Baldwin

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Notes on Error Analysis        NIST Notes on Uncertainty     Propagation of Systematic Errors
Guidelines for Written Lab Reports      Prof. Anlage Schedule    Grading Rubric for Lab Reports       Electronics Applets
        List of possible presentation topics      Tips for a good presentation         Grading Rubric for Oral Presentations     Oral presentation topics 0301     Oral presentation topics 0401     

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    Experiment 4             Experiment 9    Lecture 9               Final Exam Lecture





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