Physics 122 Home Page (Spring 2011)

Prof. E. F. Redish

Title: Physics 122: Fundamentals of Physics II

Main handout
A description of the course procedures, materials, and grading. This is a "must read"! It describes in detail the many features of this class that are different from traditional classes including our complex grading scheme. You don't want to "wake up" in the middle of October and discover that you have inadvertently already lost enough points to prevent you from getting an A!



Lecture Slides
The slides used in the PowerPoint presentations in lecture can be found here in a format suitable for note-taking in lecture. The slides should (mostly) be available the night before the lecture.

Lecture Videos
These are streaming videos taken of the lectures in a Quicktime format. I do not encourage you to miss the lecture (there are a LOT of participation points) but if you have to, let me know why you are missing it (so I can give you some of the points) and you can watch the lecture online. It might be useful to have a printout of the lecture slides while you are watching.

Clicker Questions
The slides from the clicker questions used in the PowerPoint presentations in lecture. These will be posted after the lecture is completed.

Old Exams
The exams from last year and this year's mid-semester makeup. (To be posted at appropriate times.)

Readings and Links
Occasional reading assignments (assigned in homework) or links to useful websites, and software used in class. Publicly available links will be on the "Readings and Links" webpage in the open web. Other useful materials that I am allowed to use in this class but not distribute publicly are in your blackboard site. Be sure you know how to log in to this site as there will be some required materials only made available there (such as homework solutions).

Homework The weekly homework assignments can be obtained by clicking below. Once the assignments have been collected, the solutions will be posted on Blackboard. Typically, solutions will be posted on Sundays. Partial postings may be made, a problem at a time.
Week Paper HW
(due at beginning
of Friday lecture)

(due before 10AM)

Tutorial HW
(due at beginning of your Tutorial)
Week 1

HW 00L
(review of 121:
due 1/28/11)

MP Assgt 0
(due 1/28/11)
Week 2

HW 01L
(due in lecture 2/4/11):

MP Assgt 1
(due 2/4/11)
Week 3 HW 02L
(due in lecture 2/11/11)
MP Assgt 2
(due 2/11/11)
HW 01T
(due in tutorial week of 2/7/11)
Week 4 HW 03L
(due in lecture 2/18/11)

MP Assgt 3
(due 2/18/11)

HW 02T
(due in tutorial week of 2/14/11)
Week 5 HW 04L
(due in lecture 2/25/11)
MP Assgt 4
(due 2/25/11)
HW 03T
(due in tutorial week of 2/21/11)
Week 6 No homework due in lecture 3/4/11 (but see our "Old Exams" page for practice problems No MP HW
this week (exam)
HW 04T
(due in tutorial week of 2/28/11)
Week 7 HW 05L
(due in lecture 3/11/11)
MP Assgt 5
(due 3/11/11)
HW 05T
(due in tutorial week of 3/7/11)
Week 8 HW 06L
(due in lecture 3/18/11)
MP Assgt 6 (R only)
(due 3/18/11)
HW 06T
(due in tutorial week of 3/14/11)
Week 9 HW 07L
(due in lecture 4/1/11)
MP Assgt 7 (MP only)
(due 4/1/11)
HW 07T
(due in tutorial week of 3/28/11)
Week 10 HW 08L
(due in lecture 4/8/11)
MP Assgt 8
(due 4/8/11)
HW 08T
(due in tutorial week of 4/4/11)
Week 11 No homework due in lecture 4/15/11 (but see our "Old Exams" page for practice problems. No MP HW
this week (exam)
HW 09T
(due in tutorial week of 4/11/11)
Week 12 HW 09L
(due in lecture 4/22/11)
MP Assgt 9
(due 4/22/11)
HW 10T
(due in tutorial week of 4/18/11)
Week 13 HW 10L
(due in lecture 4/29/11)
MP Assgt 10
(due 4/29/11)
HW 11T
(due in tutorial week of 4/25/11)
Week 14 HW 11L
(due in lecture 5/6/11)
MP Assgt 11
(due 5/6/11)
HW 12T
(due in tutorial week of 5/2/11)

Email Connections To send a message to the entire class to start or contribute to a discussion, send it to me and I will forward it to everyone.



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