Lecture HomeWork 2L

Physics 122, Spring 2011

Prof. E. F. Redish

Lecture homework consists of 2 parts. Some of the problems this week require diagrams and tools that are not available in MP. These will have to be done on paper.

Both parts will be due at the beginning of lecture on Fridays.

No homework will be accepted after the solutions are released on BlackBoard
(at 10:00 PM on the Friday when it is due).

Homework Assignment 2L
(Due Friday, 2/11/11)

To be done on paper and handed in at the beginning of lecture on Friday (these problem should be typed and printed).

1. SHO Energies (5 pts)

2. Graphing a pulse on a string-3 (5 pts)

To be done in the MP environment. 2 MP problems (1 pts each) plus the following:

3. Comparing the mass-on-a-spring and the pendulum-2 (2 pts)

4. Swinging' in the rain (2 pts)

5. The on-line pendulum lab (3 pts)

6. Graphing a pulse on a string-1 (2 pts)



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