Lecture HomeWork 7L

Physics 122, Spring 2011

Prof. E. F. Redish

No homework will be accepted after 10:00 PM on the Friday.

Homework Assignment 7L
(Due Friday, 4/1/11)

To be done on paper and handed in at the beginning of lecture on Friday (these problem should be typed and printed).

Since we have had spring break and no new material, there will be no problems due. Instead:

1. Write a summary of the geometrical and wave optics sections of the course that have just been completed. Do NOT do this in a "stream of consciousness" form, but rather do a carefully organized outline, specifying main topics, foothold principles, and valuable results for each topic. A few words at the end of each section on difficulties or surprising results should be included. I expect to see 3-5 pages of typed text with equations and diagrams -- a good summary of what you need to know about optics for the upcoming exam. You will be assigned points based on completeness, organization, and clarity. (10 points)

To be done in the MP environment. 2 MP problems (1 pts each)

There is only an Assignment 7MP this week. There is no 7R.


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