Gravitational-Wave Physics (physics 879)

Instructor: Alessandra Buonanno

Time: Spring 2006 semester, TuTh 9:30am-10:45am

Office Hours: Fr 1:00pm-2:30pm

Contact information:; x51440

Course description:

course description (pdf file)


slides Lectures 1 & 2 (pdf file)


Abramovici et al. paper (pdf file)

Assignments (readings and homeworks):

assignment 1 (pdf file)

assignment 2 (pdf file)

assignment 3 (pdf file)

assignment 4 (pdf file)

assignment 5 (pdf file)

Student projects:

Gravitational Radiation from Radial Infall into a Black Hole by M.A. Chesney

The Standard Quantum Limit in Gravitational-Wave Detectors by C. Fleming

Spinning, precessing binaries by E. Ochsner

Gravitational Waves from Inflation by S. Slutsky

Probing Black Holes with Gravity Waves by C.R. Sprouse

Dual sphere detectors by K. Yethadka Venkateswara