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Supplementary Problems Weeks 2 - 13

Linear Harmonic Mechanical Oscillators

Standing Waves/String Instruments

Speed of Transverse Pulse on a Stretched String, Periodic Wave, Energy Transport

Mechanical Waves (Travelling)


Sound-Doppler Effect

Sound-Wind Instruments

Trig Identity

Electromagnetic Waves

Test Questions-Exam 1- part 1

Test Questions-Exam 1 - part 2

Wave Optics: Interference and Diffraction Radiation

Geometrical Optics

Formation of Images-Mirrors

Formation of Images-Refraction at a Single Surface

The E-Field (Coulomb)/Gravitational Field

Dipole in an E Field

Flux of E Field: Gauss' Law

Test Questions - Exam 2 - part 1

Test Questions - Exam 2 - part 2

Electric Potentials-Special Cases

Energy Conservation Principle Revisited


Fields: Gravitational, Coulomb E, B

Ampere's Law - Applications

Test Questions - Exam 3

What is a BAR Magnet?

Test Questions - Exam 3 - part 2

Non-Coulomb E Field

Maxwell's Equations: Radiation - Light

Test Questions - FINAL Exam

Test Questions - FINAL Exam part 2