Extended Research Group Members

Top row, left to right:

Ted Einstein,
Vince Ballarotto,Hailu Gebremariam, Madhav Ranganathan, Alberto Pimpinelli, Bill Cullen, Dan Hines, and Andrew Tunnell
Middle row, left to right:
Jianho Chen, Brad Conrad, Tosh Degawa,
Tracey Moore, Elba Gomar Nadal, Ellen Williams, and Mihela Breban,
Front row, left to right:
Masa Ishigami, Vinod Sangwan, Tim Stasevich, ChengGang Tao, Bo Xu
A STM image taken by Chenggang Tao (below):

The Principal Investigator

Dr. Ellen Williams

MRSEC - UHV Microscopy Facilities Manager

Dr. William G. Cullen

Post-doctoral Research Associates and Research Scientists (extended Surface Physics Group)

Dr. Hung-Chi Kan (advisor Ray Phaneuf)
Dr. Daniel Hines
Dr. Dmitri Petrovykh (adviser Lloyd Whitman)
Dr. Jianhao Chen
Dr. Jian Huang
Dr. Merijin Bronsgeest

Graduate Students (extended Surface Physics Group)

Ms. Tracy Moore
Mr. Liang Li
Mr. Vinod Sangwan
Mr. Jinglei Ping
Mr. Andrew Tunnel
Mr. Blake Riddick
Ms. Michelle Zimmermann
Mr. Jacob Tosado
Ms. Kristin Burson
Mr. Rajesh Sathiyanarayanan (advisor T. Einstein)
Mr. Adrian Southard (advisor M. Furher)
Mr. Dan Lenski (advisor M. Furher)
Ms. Alex Curtain (advisor M. Furher)
Ms. Taesoon Kwon (advisor R. Phaneuf)
Mr. Kai Li (advisor Rick Silver, NIST)

Recent Alumni

Dr. Brad Conrad (2009)
Dr. Chenggang Tao (2007)
Dr. Diane Evans (advisor J. Reutt-Robey 2007)
Dr. Mihaela Breban (2006)
Dr. Tim Stasevich (advisor T. Einstein 2006)
Dr. Masashi (Tosh) Degawa (2005)
Dr. Tong Zhao (advisor J.D. Weeks 2004)
Dr. Hailu Gebremariam (advisor: T. Einstein)
Dr. M. Constantin (advisor S. Das Sarma 2005)
Dr. Daniel Dougherty (2004)
Dr. Ruchi Yongsonthun (2002)
Dr. Karen Siegrist (2002)

Former Post-doctoral Research Associates and Research Scientists (extended Surface Physics Group)

Dr. Masa Ishigami
Dr. Elba Gomar-Nadal
Dr. Ferenc Szalma (advisor T. Einstein)

Above: Collaborations with the Einstein group include (from left to right) Ferenc Szalma, Ted Einstein, Hailu Bantu and Tim Stasevich

Below: Members of the LPS research group (from left to right): Vince Ballarotto, Mihela Breban and Ellen Williams

Collaborations with the Phaneuf group include
(from left to right) Taesoon Kwon, Hung Chi Kan and Ray Phaneuf