Mihaela Breban

Email mbreban@wam.umd.edu
Education B.S. Physics (1996), University of Bucharest, Romania
M.S. Physics (1997), University of Bucharest, Romania
Current Status Graduate student in Physics Dept., UMCP
Advisor E.D Williams (Physics/IPST)
Professional Interests Organic Semiconductors. Techniques: Raman Spectroscopy, PhotoElectron Emission Microscopy (PEEM)
Current Projects

My research focuses on thin films of organic semiconductors (such as Pentacene) deposited by High Vacuum Vapor Deposition Technique and their transport properties. We prepare four-point probe measurements and mobility measurements for Thin Film Transistor based on Pentacene. We intend to correlate these measurements with spatially resolved Raman spectra, and investigate the effect of dopants, impurities and size scaling.

I am also interested in applications of PEEM to semiconductor devices. We have been using PEEM for the imaging of simple model devices, searching for basic contrast mechanisms to be used in the analysis of complex circuits.


V. W. Ballarotto, M. Breban, K. Siegrist, R. J. Phaneuf and E. D. Williams, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 20(6), 2514-2518 (2002)