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The scoresheet with solutions for the final exam is now posted. Grades will be submitted within a day. There will be fewer A's and C's than last year, because of where breaks in the distribution occurred. In early January or thereafter you are invited to stop by and look at your exam. Happy holidays and have a good winter break.

The final will be on Friday Dec. 19 at 1:30 - 3:30pm in our classroom. It will be comprehensive but emphasize material since the midterm. Note that the finals from 2012 and 2013 are (and have for some time been) posted below.

Please do check your scores on ELMS to make sure they are correct. One set of errors on the midterm scores arose due to a shift by one row of the scores for several students, due to one person on my roster but not now in the class. Let me know of any mistakes.

Formula Sheet for Fall 2014 Final modest update from Fall 2013 and from previous 2 postings; further updates unlikely. Please let me know of any formulas not on the sheet that you think should be on it!!

Solutions to Quiz #3 have been posted, along the scoring rubric, comments, and the distribution of scores. Scores on all 3 quizzes and on the midterm are posted on ELMS. Check for possible recording errors.

Solutions to Problem Set #10 have been posted. The promised chapter on Bose and Fermi gases has been posted.

The midterms are marked and will be returned and discussed on Tuesday (11/11). The scoresheet, with solutions and some comments, is now posted on the protected page. The average score was 87, standard deviation 17, high score 112, low score less than half of 112, maximum possible 120. The distribution will be presented in class.

Your homework scores are now available on ELMS.

The correct list of students consenting to have their email addresses shared has been linked. Pity nobody pointed out the improper list sooner.

Last updated: Dec. 21, 2014


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