Physics 375 

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Experimental Physics III

Fall 2009

Sections 0101 - Monday, and

0301 - Tuesday

Instructor: Prof. Steven Anlage

Teaching Assistants: 

Nightvid Cole (Monday) and Sergey Novikov(Tuesday)  

ncole1 "at"
snovikov "at"
Teaching Labs Coordinators: Mr. Allen R. Monroe
  Mr. Tom Baldwin

Syllabus           Schedule   Vernier Scale Applet  

Notes on Error Analysis        NIST Notes on Uncertainty
Guidelines for Written Lab Reports      Prof. Anlage Schedule    LoggerPro Web Site
Logger Pro 3 Quick Reference Manual      Geometrical Optics Review     Polarization Review      Using the spherometer Jones Vector Treatment of Polarization

Michelson Interferometer Comments    Newton's RIngs   Mathematica Code to Fit Diffraction Patterns  ++  diffraction data

Diffraction Review   Airy Pattern  CD Player   Atomic Spectroscopy Background Information Manual for Atomic Spectrometer He-Ne Laser

    0 Gaussian Beam  
    1 Refraction  
    2 Geometrical Optics   
    3 Polarization
    4 Michelson Interferometer  

    5 Diffraction

  6 Atomic Spectra



 Mathematica Notebooks
Mathematica Tutorial
    General Data Handling, Plotting, and Linear Regression
    Nonlinear Regression Histogram Example
    Reading in Data from LoggerPro
    Fourier Transforms
    Fitting Diffraction Data (sampleLPData.txt 3 slit.txt)
  Homework Assignments
      Homework #1        Solutions
      Homework #2        Solutions pdf version
      Homework #3        Solutions
      Homework #4        Solutions
      Homework #5        Solutions

    Homework #6        Solutions


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