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Awards & Honors

Edward Redish, Professor, was awarded the Maryland Board of Regents Teaching Award on April 13, 2007. The honorees were recognized for their professional accomplishments in the areas of research, scholarship, and creative activity; teaching; public service; mentoring; and collaboration.
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Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, Distinguished University Professor, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
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Professor Min Ouyang was awarded the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Program Award for the 2007 fiscal year. The Young Investigator Program honors outstanding new faculty members, at institutions of higher education, to support their research and encourage their teaching and research career. Applicants are selected by ONR based on several things including past performance, demonstrated by the significance and impact of previous research, publications, professional activities and awards and honors.
For more information regarding the selection process, visit: www.onr.navy.mil/sci_tech/3t/corporate/yip.asp

Additionally, Professor Min Ouyang was awarded the Beckman Young Investigator Award for 2007. This award is to support research for “the most promising young faculty members in the early stages of academic careers in the chemical and life sciences”
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In the News

Bob Park, Professor, was quoted in Nature on March 29, 2007. The article was about a resurgence in cold fusion. Park expressed his skepticism with the symposium being held by the American Chemical Society, which will focus on low-energy nuclear reactions.





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