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Dear Colleagues,

I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who helped make Maryland Day 2007 such a success!! I've listed all the volunteers below and I apologize, in advance, to anyone I may have left off. This was one of our best Maryland Days to date, and that is largely due to the hard work of our over 125 volunteers. The weather was great, and we all had a lot of fun.
Not bad for a bunch of academics!

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to the physics planning committee:

Reka Montfort, Tom Gleason, Bernie Kozlowski, Alex Prasertchoung, Carole Cuaresma, Doug Roberts, and Dick Berg. This event could not have been pulled off without all of their hard work.

Thanks to all of you that helped to accommodate the huge number of visitors that we had on campus and especially to the Physics Department. Physics was one of the main attractions on campus. I have heard from a number of people that said that they loved everything from the hot dogs to the silly putty.

1,200 Hotdogs, 600 balloons, 700 cups of silly putty, 9,000 beads and 1,200 cups of ice cream plus over 125 volunteers made for one great Maryland Day!

You guys, as usual, were great!

Thanks again,


Abutaleb, Mohamed
Aldridge, Gerald
Aldridge, Kari
Anderson, Bob
Arakelyan, Ilya
Bohoyar, P.
Britti, Dominic
Britton, Melissa
Callis, Julie
Chattrapiban, Narupon
Che, Haihong
Chen, Jianhao
Cho, Sung Jae
Cho, Suenhyun
Conners, Mark
Conrad, Brad
Crowe, Erik
Daetwyler, Clay
Desalvo, Lorraine
Dorland, Bill
Dutta, Sudeep
Edezhath, Ralph
Einstein, Ted
Ferguson, Matthew
Fuhrer, Michael
Gabilondo, Beatriz Burrola
Ganel, O.
Gardner, Kate
Ghanem, Tarek
Goodman, Jordan
Graves, Matthew
Gresock, Thomas
Gupta, Ashutosh
Gustafson, Kyle
Halper-Stromberg, Ari
Hammer, David
Han, J.
Hessing, Jane
Hines, Dan
Hunter, Dwight
Jacobson, Ted
Johnson, Luke
Jones, Shaela
Kim, K.C.
Knouse, Melanie
La, Ahn
Lasley, Scott
Lathrop, Dan
Lathrop, Emily
Lathrop, John
Lee, M.H.
Li, Hao
Liu, Xianjie
Lukomska, Margaret
Marguiles, Dan
Matthews, John
McCann, ColinMichberg, Howard
Montgomery, Eric
Nagornykh, Pavel
Ng, Sheung Wah
Orr, Meaghan
Paik, Hanhee
Palomaki, Tauno
Pomerance, Andrew
Powell, Matt
Pung, Vicki
Rana, Lubna
Reed, Jody

Rericha , Erin
Rirskopa, Ben
Rirskopa, Pauline
Rolston, Steve
Ronaszegi, Krisztian
Sangwan, Vinod
Senseney, Justin
Seo, Eun Suk
Shawhan, Peter
Sheng, Dong
Slotterback, Steven
Slutsky, Simon
Spinner, SogeeTao, Chenggang
Teitelbaum, Samuel
Tunnell, Andrew
Vatanyan, A.
Vlahacos, Gus
Walpole, P.
Wang, Hui
Wellstood, Fred
White, Cleopatra
Woodworth, Bob
Woodworth, Marie
Yang, Stephen
Yesuras, Jordan
Yoon, Y.S.
Yu, Haibo
Zenesini, Alessandro
Zhu, Lijun
95 Blues Berry Way
(Eugene Boriovikov, Eugene Bisk, Mikhail Ivanov,
Anton Karnaukh, Vladimir Ponomarev, Victor Yakovenko)




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