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Dear Readers,

This has been another exciting academic year with Maryland Physics! I've truly enjoyed keeping you informed on all of the great things happening in the department.

In the month of April, our faculty have received prestigious awards including membership in the National Academy of Sciences, and the ONR Young Investigators Award. In addition to Awards and Honors, our faculty remain hard at work. Bob Park was quoted in a Nature article and Professor Patrick O'Shea wrote this month’s Research Spotlight, regarding his research on Dynamical Systems and Particle Beams. Their passion for Physics never ceases to amaze me.

Additionally, Mirjam Cvetic, a former student of Professor Jogesh Pati, is the subject of this month' s Alumni Spotlight, and recipient of the Physics Distinguished Alumni Award. Read about other awards presented at the 19th Annual Spring Academic Festival in the Recent Events section.

I'm confident that next year will be just, if not more, impressive for UMD Physics. I hope that you all enjoy your summer and please continue to send me all of your exciting news and information. I'll be sure to report it in our special summer edition of the Photon.


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