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xxxxxxxxxxxxxDecember 2006 - Issue 52


Dear Readers,

I would like to give you my best wishes for a Pleasant Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! This past year has been exciting and it has been a pleasure highlighting the department's research, alumni, awards, honors and events. Please send in all of your news, so that we can continue to inform others of your accomplishments.

This past month, many of our TAs were awarded at the special tea ceremony. To view images from the event, visit the Recent Events section. Also, Sylvester Gates was awarded the 2006 AAAS Award or Public Understanding of Science and Technology and Alumna Erin Rericha was awarded the Burroughs Welcome Award.

In addition to awards and honors, our faculty remain hard at work. Professor Xiangdong Ji has just returned from traveling to Beijing, China, where he attended the Inaugural Ceremony of the High-Energy Physics Center. Professor Kevork Abazajian wrote this month’s Research Spotlight, regarding his research on Elementary Particles.

And the excitement does not end there! We still have a long list of things to look forward to before the end of the semester. Visit the Up Next section to plan for all of our upcoming events, including the December colloquium given by David Spergel.