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xxxxxxSeptember 2006 - Issue 49


Awards & Honors
Fruhwald and Mohapatra




Rabindra Mohapatra received the Humboldt Prize from the President of the Alexander Von Humboldt foundation, Dr. Wolfgang Fruhwald. Mohapatra, along with other prize winners, were given a reception by the President of Germany, Dr. Horst Kohler in his official residence in Berlin on July 12, 2006.

Robert Park has signed a contract for two new books. In addition, Voodoo Science has just been released in Romania. It has been translated into nine other languages since it's publication in 2000.

In the News

Paulo Bedaque was quoted on on July 11 and in on July12 in articles about a new study on nature's tiniest components of matter, quarks and gluons. Professor Bedaque was one of the authors of the study which was published in the Physical Review Letters, vol. 97. To view the article, visit:

James Gates was featured in the July 10-17 edition of Gibbs Magazine in its “Black Personalities” section. In addition, the following article appeared in a major Perth newspaper:
"A Down to Earth Star on Space Mysteries"

Robert Park, Physics, was featured on ABC News Primetime on July 13, questioning the scientific basis for the “healing” work of Canadian college student Adam Dreamhealer, who ABC estimates will make more than $1 million this year conducting healing seminars. Other scientists from MIT and Harvard Medical School were also featured along with Park.

Sankar Das Sarma wrote a feature article in the July issue of Physics Today. This article was on Topological quantum computation.

Ted Einstein was quoted in an article that appeared in Chemical & Engineering News regarding self-assembled
honeycombs on surfaces. To view the article, visit: