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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSeptember 2006 - Issue 49


Dear Readers,

As summer comes to an end, the feeling is bitter sweet. Sure I'll miss the warm weather, the empty parking spaces and those BBQ-Day Thursdays thrown by the university, but I actually look forward to the busy halls, cooler temperatures and the start of the school year. Still, it's always nice to reflect on the past. And these past few months have been exciting!

The summer started off with a bang when Drew Baden took over as department chair in July. Since then our faculty, staff and students have continued to maintain our department's excellent reputation. Our News section is filled with awards and honors presented to our faculty, as well as media outlets that faculty have appeared in.

Furthermore, our Alumni Spotlight highlights the work of one of the department's recent graduates, Chris Osborne. Also, Professor Paulo Bedaque, wrote this month's Research Spotlight, which gives us a little more insight into his current research.

Autumn is always a great season to start off fresh and I'm excited to see what exciting things are in store for our department.