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xxxxSeptember 2006 - Issue 49

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Paulo Bedaque wrote this month's Research Spotlight, regarding his work on Theoretical Quarks, Hadrons and Nuclei.

The image above was the time machine used to film the 80's triology Back to the Future. This month's Alumni Spotlight, Chris Osborne, discovered his love of science after dreaming of time travel as a child.

Robert Park, Physics, was featured on ABC News Primetime on July 13, questioning the scientific basis for the “healing” work of Canadian college student Adam Dreamhealer, who ABC estimates will make more than $1 million this year conducting healing seminars. To read more about faculty in the news, visit our In the News section.

Theodore Einstein, Physics, gave an invited talk at the second
International Workshop on Physics and Technology of Thin Films in Prague, Czech Republic in June 2006. For more information, visit our Recent Events section.

Robert Park has signed a contract for two new books. In addition, Voodoo Science has just been released in Romania. It has been translated into nine other languages since it's publication in 2000. For more faculty awards and honors, visit the News Section.

David Garofalo wrote this month's Graduate Blog, where he writes about his research as a Physics graduate student.

The September colloquia speakers include, John F. Hawley (University of Virginia), Theodore Hodapp (Hamline University), Steven Strogatz (Cornell University) and Paul McEuen (Cornell University). To view the September colloquia schedule and other up coming events, visit the Up Next section.

Find out about the new physics facutly in Drew Baden's latest Letter from the Chair.