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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMay 2006 - Issue 47



  • Michael Fisher was invited to give a lecture at the American Physical Society Meeting in the forum for the History of Physics session on A Century of Critical Phenomena, held in Baltimore on March 16, 2006. Professor Fisher also gave a public lecture in the Oppenheimer series at UC Berkeley on March 20, 2006.

  • On April 12, 2006, Hassan Jawahery gave the summary talk, at the Flavor Physics and CP Violation International Conference. The conference was held from April 9-12 at the Costal Plaza Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Rabi Mohapatra presented the Neutrino Theory talk on Implication of Neutrino Mixing Beyond Neutrinos at the Flavor Physics and CP Violation International Conference held in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Robert Park attended Programs for Judges 2006, at George Mason University School of Law, from April 21-27. He presented a talk regarding science in the courts, where he demystified scientific issues that arise in the courtroom.

  • On Apr 17 the Physics Walking Club reached its 1000-mile mark since charting began in January. Founded in 1999, by then Kari Knouse, in memory of her husband, Ernie Knouse, the management of the Club was shortly turned over to Xiao-ning Zhao who has kept the club walking at various speeds and distances ever since. With membership now at 14, one can almost always find others to walk with whether he/she might like to walk the Lake Artemesia trail, the Golf Course Trail, the treadmills at HHP, the Campus or inside Comcast, Cole or Armory during severe weather. Each day a person walks, they receive a check-mark on a chart that Bill Norwood keeps. As Xiao-ning says, "Just show up in the Physics Lobby at noon, and others will walk with you." Individuals preferring a shorter walk because of convenience, special health issues, or whatever, can show up at 1:00 and walk for just 1/2 hour with Jesse and/or Grace, or It's a great way to maintain or improve health and to interact with others. (Submitted by Bill Norwood, Physical Science Technician III)




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