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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMay 2006 - Issue 47


Dear Readers,

I've always been impressed with this department and this past month has only increased my admiration of all of its hard workers. This issue of the Photon is filled with information about Physics staff, students and faculty.

Dr. Anlage wrote this month's Research Spotlight about his current research regarding wave chaos in electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. Andrew York, a graduate student, wrote this month's Graduate Blog and provides information about the research he is working on under Dr. Howard Milchberg.

There were also several events held this past month, including Maryland Day, where we displayed to the community why we're a top department. We offered visitors interactive activities, demos, talks, hotdogs and even a live band. In addition, the CMPS held its Academic Spring Festival, where several physics students, faculty, alumni and staff were awarded for their outstanding contributions to the department.

This was a great way to end another exciting semester!

Best Regards,



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