February 2006-Issue 44 - University of Maryland

Dear Readers,

One of my fondest childhood memories was winning first place in my fifth grade fictional writing contest. My story (accompanied with illustrations) was laminated, bounded and read at a special event held at the local public library. It was then that my interest in writing peaked and it has since turned into my passion. Many of us remember our hobbies or leisure activities as kids. However, some of us, like this month's Alumni Spotlight participant Salman Habib, turn their pastime into a rewarding career.

In addition to Dr. Habib's article, the February edition of the Photon includes an article written by Dr. Greenberg. His Research Spotlight gives readers an interesting insight into CPT Symmetry.

We've changed our look, but we've kept all of our regular sections and this month they're packed with information regarding our extraordinary department. As always, faculty have been hard at work winning various prestigious awards and honors and appearing in several media outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Nightly Business Report.

There's also a new section entitled Graduate Blog. This will be a monthly article written by Physics Graduate students describing their experiences and stories as they travel around the world doing research. If you're, a graduate student and interested in writing a monthly blog this semester, please contact me for more information.

It's evident that many of you have chosen a career path that strikes your interests and fortunately, I have too. I hope you enjoy the new layout and I'm interested in hearing your feedback and/or ideas. Have a great spring semester!

Best Regards,

Carole Cuaresma



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