GR Seminars Fall 2013

The standard seminar time and place is Wednesday, 1:30pm, Room 4102.

Non-standard times and/or places are indicated in red type.

Click here if the schedule of speakers does not appear below.

For more information about GRT group seminars contact Sam Gralla or Zach Etienne.
 For information concerning the Elementary Particle Theory group seminars see the EPT seminar page, the Theoretical Quarks, Hadrons, Nuclei group seminars see the TQHN seminar page, and scheduled seminars in the UMD Physics Department see the Department calendar. The webpages of the UMD-NASA Goddard Joint Space-Science Institute and the Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics also hold regular events of interest to the group. 

Seminars from previous semesters can be found here: spring 2002fall 2002spring 2003fall 2003spring 2004fall 2004spring 2005fall 2005spring 2006fall 2006spring 2007fall 2007spring 2008fall 2008spring 2009fall 20092010spring 2011fall 2011fall 2012spring 2013

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