(Includes also other seminars of interest to the gravity group.)
The Seminars are supposed to take place every Friday at 1:30pm in Room 4208
(if not otherwise stated below).
For information about GRT group seminars contact Stefano Liberati (301-405-6032 ).
For information about scheduled seminars in the UMD Physics Department look at the
Department Seminar Pages.

Date, Time, Place Speaker, Affiliation, Title 
(sometimes linked to an abstract)
Feb. 8 David Mattingly, UMD
``Astrophysical Constraints on Lorentz Breaking Dispersion Relations''
Feb. 22
Joint seminar with
Goddard Gravitational Waves group

Time: 2:00pm
Jim van Meter, UC Davis
``Post Minkowskian approach to binary black hole dynamics''
Mar. 4
Joint Seminar with the EP group

Location: Room 4102
Time: 1:00pm

Akikazu Hashimoto,
IAS Princeton
``Observables of String Field Theory''
Mar. 22

Bei-Lok Hu, UMD
``A Kinetic Theory Approach to Quantum Gravity''
Mar. 29

Spring Break Pause
Apr. 5
Stefano Liberati, UMD
``Towards the observation of Hawking radiation in Bose-Einstein condensates''
Apr. 9
Time: 12:30pm
Niall O'Murchadha, University Collge, Cork, Ireland
``Relativity without relativity: emergent time and the classical fields''
Apr. 26
Matt Visser, Washington University, St. Louis
``The quantum physics of chronology protection''
May. 10
Esteban Calzetta, Buenos Aires University
``Thermalization in Large-N quantum field theory''
Jun. 21
Amit Ghosh, Penn State University
``Black hole entropy from semiclassical methods and  2nd law''

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