(Includes also other seminars of interest to the gravity group.)
The Seminars are supposed to take place every Friday at 1:30pm in Room 4208
(if not otherwise stated below).
For information about GRT group seminars contact Stefano Liberati (301-405-6032 ).
For information about scheduled seminars in the UMD Physics Department look at the
Department Seminar Pages.

Date, Time, Place Speaker, Affiliation, Title 
(sometimes linked to an abstract)
Fri. Sept. 13
Cole Miller, University of Maryland
``Gravitational Radiation from Intermediate-Mass Black Holes''
Tue. Sept. 17
Room 4102
Neil Cornish, Montana State University
``Using the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna as an astronomical observatory''
Tue. Sept. 17,
Physics Lecture Hall

Physics Colloquium

Neil Cornish
, Montana State University
``Listening to the Universe''
Fri. Oct. 4
Eric Poisson, University of Guelph
``Radiation reaction in strong gravitational fields''
Mon. Oct. 7

Joint with the EP group
Room 4102
Don Marolf, Syracuse University
``Negative-tension branes and the second law of thermodynamics''
Tue. Oct. 8

Don Marolf, Syracuse University
``Can a box really float on the vacuum fluctuations outside a black hole?''
Fri. Oct. 11
Yasushi Mino, Washington University, St. Louis
"Perturbative approach to orbital evolution around a super-massive black hole"
Fri. Oct. 25
Jorge Pullin, Louisiana State University
``Consistent discrete quantum gravity on the lattice''
Fri. Nov.1
Albert Roura, University of Maryland
``Einstein-Langevin equation as the large N limit for quantum metric fluctuations''
Fri. Nov.8
Jong Hyuk Yoon, Konkuk University, Korea
``Quasi-local dynamics of black holes''
Fri. Nov.15
Enric Verdaguer, Univesity of Barcelona
``Cosmological Structure Formation in Stochastic Gravity''
Mon. Dec. 9

EP seminar
Room 4102

Gia Dvali, New York University
``Gravity through a filter''
Mon. Dec. 16
Joint with the EP group
Room 4102

Andrew Chamblin,
``Is inflation realized in M-theory?''

Dec. 13

Room 4208
Alessandra Buonanno , IAF, Paris
"The late inspiral of binary black holes: the epoch when Post-Newtonian expansion becomes suspect. Can we predict the gravitational signal?"
Dec. 16
Alessandra Buonanno , IAF, Paris
"Searching for gravitational waves from inspiraling binaries of compact objects with earth-based interferometers"
Wed. Jan. 15

Room 4208
Adam Helfer, University of Missouri
The foundations of the Hawking effect

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