(Includes also other seminars of interest to the gravity group)
The Seminars are supposed to take place every Friday at 2:30pm in Room 4208
(unless otherwise stated below).
For information about GRT group seminars contact Stefano Liberati or Albert Roura (both at 301-405-6032).
For information about scheduled seminars in the UMD Physics Department look at the Department Seminar Pages.

Date, Time, Place Speaker, Affiliation, Title 
(sometimes linked to an abstract)
Fri. Feb. 14
Kirill Krasnov , AEI Potsdam 
``Lambda < 0 Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions''
Fri. Feb. 28
Igor Smolyaninov, University of Maryland 
``Nonlinear optics of surface plasmons in nanoholes: similarities with Kaluza-Klein theories''
Fri. Mar. 7

Markus Luty, University of Maryland 
``UV and IR Modifications of Gravity ''
(JOINT seminar with the Elementary Particle Theory group)
Fri. Mar. 14
Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State University
``Dynamical Horizons: How Black Holes Grow''
Fri. Mar. 14
David Mattingly, University of Maryland
``Beyond Planck scale constraints on Lorentz violation from the Crab nebula''
Fri. Mar. 21
Wally Greenberg, University of Maryland
``The theorem that violation of CPT implies violation of Lorentz covariance is valid''
Fri. Mar. 28
No seminar: Spring Break
Fri. Apr. 4
No seminar because of APS meeting the next weekend
Fri. Apr. 11

Veronika Hubeny, Stanford University
``Black holes in pp-waves?''
(JOINT seminar with the Elementary Particle Theory group)
Fri. Apr. 18
Bernd Brügmann, Penn State University
``Numerical simulations of binary black hole mergers with the puncture method''
Mon. Apr.  28

Room 4102

Matthew Schwartz, Harvard University
``Deconstructing Gravity''

(JOINT seminar with the Elementary Particle Theory group; replaces seminar on Fri. Apr.  25)
Fri. May  2
No seminar because of the Clifton Memorial Conference on ``New Directions in the Foundations of Physics''
(with several talks by theoretical physicists).
Mon. May  12

Room 4102

Shamit Kachru, Stanford University / SLAC
``Towards inflation in string theory''
(JOINT seminar with the Elementary Particle Theory group; replaces seminar on Fri. May 9 )

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