Physics 410 -- Spring 2006

List of grades for entire course, including final curved average. Final letter grades have not yet been assigned.Due to the way excel treats 0's vs blank spaces the lowest homework score has not been dropped for everyone. This affects Ferruci, Gill, Hall, Levashov, Lu, MacGray, Magruder -- and will of course be fixed before letter grades are assigned.

PHYS410 Classical Mechanics; (4 credits) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD.
Prerequisite: PHYS374. Theoretical foundations of mechanics with extensive application of the methods. Various mathematical tools of theoretical physics.

0101(54427) Brill, D. (Seats=44, Open=19, Waitlist=0) Books D.
MWF.......11:00am-11:50am (PHY 0405) Lectures
F.........10:00am-10:50am (PHY 1201) Homework discussion

Instructor: D. Brill   Office: 4202 Physics Bldg   Tel: X5 6027   email:
                                Office hours: Th 3:30-5 or by appointment (which may be instantaneous).
                                                     Shorter office hours on days of faculty meeting.


Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor

published by University Science books, ISBN 1 891389 22 X

Homework will be assigned each week, due on Friday. During this term everyone should work at least one problem in front of the class. You may collaborate with a fellow student, provided each of you contributes, and writes up the solution in his/her own words. You can also get help from me during office hours or by email.
The assignments are found below, the current one first; past assignments include solutions:

Assignment 12 and exam preparation not due May 10   Assignment 11 due May 5   Assignment 10 due April 28   Second Exam solution   Exam preparation problems (No assignment due April 21)  Assignment 9 due April 14   Assignment 8   Assignment 7   First exam solution   Assignment 6 due March 10 Assignment 5  Assignment 4   Assignment 3   Assignmnet 2   Assignment 1 (scroll down beyond the multiple-choice)
The Firefox browser may not correctly display all equations in the homework assignments and solutions.

Week of         Chapter    Material actually coveredMaterial not covered in lecture or exams
Jan 251, 2Energy integral, gradient, differentials2.3-2.7
Jan 303, 4separation of variables, different coordinates, (angular)momentum3.2
Feb 64, 7.3Energy and constraints
Feb 137Examples using Lagrange's equations7.9-7.10
Feb 207More examples; phase space
Feb 2713Hamiltonian Mechanics
Hour Exam Friday 10-11
March 613
March 138"Kepler Problem"At present no Ch 8 problem on Final
March 20Spring Break
March 279inertial frames, tidal and Coriolis forceAt present no Ch 9 problem on Final
April 310orbital and spin angular momentum,
moment of inertia tensor
10.5, 10.9-10.10
April 1010examples L not parallel to ω, Euler Eqs
April 176Calculus of variations
Second Exam April 21
April 24, May 1, 815Relativity15.17-15.18
May 12Questions and Review10-12 in room 0405
May 16Final Exam 8 am in usual lecture room (0405). Crib sheet allowed

Grading scheme (approximate): each hour exam and homework 20%, Final 40%

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