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Grades have been submitted for PHYS 404 and the scoresheet is posted on the password-protected page. On the final the average was 114 out of 192, with a standard deviation of 36. The high score was 178, the low was 58. Grades were based primarily on a cumulative sum reflecting the weighting distribution given in the syllabus. On this the high was over twice the low. The grade distribution was: 3 A+, 4A, 2A-, 3B+, 5B, 2B-, 7C, 1C-. Boundaries between grades were placed in largish gaps in the roster of cumulative scores, so that small changes in points would not affect the grade. You are welcome to come by my office in 2013 to look at your exam, but UMD regulations require me to keep to the papers for a year. The majority of students did very poorly on the last two pages of the final; if that includes you, I hope you will take time during the intersession to go over the material in Chap. 7 and the lectures thereon. Best wishes for the holiday season and the new year!

Note that all tests from 2008 are posted (see link below); some topics were not covered in our course this semester, since we used a different text. The point of this posting is to get you to work through the test and think about the ideas. Hence, I am not posting solutions. If you have worked through the test and have uncertainties, you are welcome to email me.

Your marked homework set 11 can be picked up from me at my office this afternoon Friday Dec. 14, until 3:55 pm. Set 12 should also be available by Monday. Solutions to Homework 12 and 11 are posted. Solutions and the scoresheet for the quiz on Thursday, Nov. 29 are posted. The average was 13.7 out of 25; the standard deviation was 4.8. Homework assignment 11 has been posted, including a clarification of the prefactors for the density of states for the Debye model. Solutions and the scoresheet for the quiz on Thursday, Nov. 8 are posted. The average was 18.1 out of 30; the standard deviation was 6.1. Only one student scored over 26.



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