Physics 375 

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Lab 6 continues Dec. 8. See the "Atomic Spectroscopy Backgound Information" below

Experimental Physics III

Fall 2010

Sections 0101 - Monday, and

0201 - Wednesday

Instructor: Prof. Steven Anlage

Teaching Assistant: 

Nightvid Cole (Monday) and (Wednesday)  

ncole1 "at"
Teaching Labs Coordinators: Mr. Allen R. Monroe
  Mr. Tom Baldwin

Syllabus           Schedule   Vernier Scale Applet      MatLab Guide      Prof. Appelbaum Lecture Notes 9/13

Notes on Error Analysis        NIST Notes on Uncertainty
Guidelines for Written Lab Reports      Prof. Anlage Schedule   
     Geometrical Optics Review     Polarization Review      Using the spherometer Jones Vector Treatment of Polarization    The LabJack U3 web site    LabJack U3 Users Guide   ThorLabs PhotoDetector Spec Sheet

Michelson Interferometer Comments    Newton's RIngs  Matlab FFT documentation  Mathematica Code to Fit Diffraction Patterns  ++  diffraction data

Diffraction Review   Airy Pattern  Filtering with FFTs   CD Player   Atomic Spectroscopy Background Information  Spectrometer Manual   He-Ne Laser

    0 Data Collection with MatLab/LabJack 
    1 Refraction  
    2 Geometrical Optics   
    3 Polarization
    4 Michelson Interferometer  

    5 Diffraction

  6 Atomic Spectra


  Example of Good Lab Report #1   Example of Good Lab Report #2

 MatLab Information
MatLab Tutorial
    Download Octave for Windows
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    LabJack MatLab Files (Load_Labjack.m, lj_get.m, lj_step.m)
    Octave Wikipedia article
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