Grading Pattern       

Physics 131, Fall 2012
Profs. W. Losert and E. F. Redish

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Grades in this class arise from a mix of many different ways to judge your work, NOT solely from your performance on exams. Be sure you understand the components!

The result is a grade that is a more accurate representation of your performance in the class. It also means that you can blow one midterm exam and still get an A if your work in other categories is first rate! Here is the breakdown. It also means if you do very poorly on any one category -- say you don't hand in any homework -- it can be difficult to get a decent grade!

  • Components --

    Hour exams (100 pts each) 200
    Quizzes 100
    Final exam (200 pts) 200
    Pre-Class and Pre-Lab Reading
    Total 1000

    These divisions are not guaranteed. We may adjust due to unforseen circumstances that cancel classes or HW - snow, tornadoes, etc.

This page prepared by

Edward F. Redish
and Wolfgang Losert
Department of Physics
University of Maryland

Last revision 24 August, 2012.