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Physics 131, Fall 2012
Profs. W. Losert & E. F. Redish

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The weekly homework assignments have two parts.

  • The online part of the homework is done in the web environment, MasteringPhysics. Each week that has two parts.

    • The first part consists of tutorials and exercises. You may do them as many times as you want until you get them right. They are for practice and are worth 1 HW point each.

    • The second part consist of 2-3 more challenging problems including estimations, explanations, essay questions, worked out problems, and even some challenging multiple choice questions. For these you will have to work them out first and you will not see the answers (on BlackBoard) until after the homework is due. You are encouraged to work on these with friends, but be careful! If two or more submitted answers are essentially identical, neither will receive credit. Work together, but write up your solutions independently. These are worth 2 or 3 HW points each.

  • The paper part of the homework is one or more problem to be written up on paper and handed in at the beginning of Friday lecture. These are more extended problems and are to be written up nicely -- like a report -- preferably typed, but they can be expected to include equations, calculation, drawings, and graphs. The quality of the presentation will be considered in the score as well as the quality of the solution. These are worth 5 HW points.

The second part of the online homework and the lecture homeworks can be obtained by clicking below. The links will be populated the day the previous assignments are due. Once the assignments have been collected, solutions will be posted on Blackboard.

Due date
Online HW
(due at 10 AM)
Paper HW
(due at beginning of
9/7 Assignments
1MP + HW01
Assignment 1P


2MP + HW02
Assignment 2P


3MP + HW03 
Assignment 3P


Assignment 4MP Assignment 4P
10/5   Assignment A
(Not to hand in --
Sample Exam Problems)
10/12 Assignment
5MP + HW05
Assignment 5P
10/19 Assignment
6MP + HW06
Assignment 6P
10/26 Assignment
7MP + HW07
Assignment 7P

8MP + HW08

Assignment 8P

Assignment B
(Not to hand in --
Sample Exam Problems)

11/16 Assignment HW09 Assignment 9P
11/30 Assignment HW10 Assignment 10P
12/7 Assignment HW11 Assignment 11P

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