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November Colloquia:

11/06 - Underground Science Opportunities at Sanford Laboratory: Status of South Dakota/NSF
             Efforts Towards a Deep Underground S & E Lab at Homestake

           Kevin Lesko , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

11/13 - When Obsessions Collide: Physics and Golf
            Robert Grober , Yale University

11/20 - Designing Large Entangled Trapped Ion States
            Richard Slusher, Georgia Tech Research Institute

11/27 - Relative States and the Environment: Quantum Theory of the Classical
Wojciech Zurek, Los Alamos National Lab

For more information, visit: www.physics.umd.edu/events/colloquia


Physics is Phun:

11/01- 11/03 - It's Physics ( Answers to physics questions that my children asked when they were young.)
          Physics Lecture Halls (1404) Physics Building
          Doors open by 7:00PM, Program 7:30- 8:45PM

For more information, visit: www.physics.umd.edu/PhysPhun/

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