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Dear Readers,

I often walk down the hallways of our building and cringe at the obvious lack of luster . But every once in awhile, I find myself intrigued with the antique art on the walls, the history of the building and unique artifacts that are displayed on various hallway showcases, and somehow these decorations make-up for the all of the things we complain about in this building.

For this year's Physics Phun Phact, I've decided to investigate on the various things we bypass in our hallways. This month, we cover the Nikola Tesla statue, located in the lobby of the John S. Toll Physics Building.

Additionally, this issue is filled with exciting information about the department. Our News Section is filled with several awards and honors including Steve Rolston's fellowship to the Optical Society of America. Also, several of the faculty appeared in the News, including Sylvester Gates, who participated in an interview for PBS' Wired Science.

This month’s Research Spotlight was written by Assistant Professor, Dr. Kaustubh Agashe and the Alumni Spotlight highlights the educational journey of alumnus Alan Nathan.

I hope that you enjoy the latest issue.

Best regards,


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