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Research Spotlight


This month's Research Spotlight was written by Assistant Professor Arpita Upadhyaya. The article discusses her work regarding cell movements. Dr. Upadhyaya is a member of the Biophysics Research group at the University of Maryland.



Alumni Spotlight

Alumnus Prakash Chitre is the Vice President and General Manager of Cosmat Laboratories. He graduated from UMD after receiving his Ph.D. in 1972. Visit the Alumni Spotlight to read about Dr. Chitre's journey during and after school.


Physics Phun Phact

The University of Maryland Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) has a well-established and successful education outreach program.  An exciting part of their activities are partnerships with organization such as the International Spy Museum.  In February, a MRSEC education outreach team composed of faculty, post docs, and graduate students worked with museum professionals at the International Spy Museum to carry out Operation Night Sky: Espionage in the Dark.

Conducted after regular museum hours, Operation Night Spy introduced middle school students to the science of spying by participating as special agents in a mission to retrieve a top-secret formula stolen from MRSEC laboratories at the University of Maryland.  To prepare for the mission, students completed science and technology training focused on lasers, infrared light, electronic circuits, and code breaking.  As agents for the “Materials Research Special Experimental Corps,” MRSEC researchers did an outstanding job developing activities, teaching students new science concepts, and carrying out a thrilling action-packed hands-on mission adventure.  The activity was hugely successful and due to popular demand will be conducted again in the fall.  Students participating Operation Night Spy were invited toapply to the 2007 MRSEC summer camps. 

- Donna Hammer, Associate Director of MRSEC

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