Condensed Matter Physics Seminar (PHYS 738/739)
Department of Physics, University of Maryland 
College Park, Maryland 20742-4111, USA

Spring 2005 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, talks are:
Thursdays,  from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
Room 1201, Physics Building

Underlined titles of the talks link to abstracts
Underlined names of the speakers link to their personal Web pages

Special Joint Condensed Matter/Materials Chemistry Seminar
11 a.m. Tuesday, January 18 Rm. 1201 Physics

Harold Baranger (Duke University)
Transport Through Single Molecules: Resonant Transmission, Rectification, Spin Filtering, and Tunneling Magnetoresistance
Hosts: Fuhrer, Sita

January 27

Tobias Baumgart (Cornell)
Of polka dots and dumbbells: phase behavior and bending of biomembranes
Host: Williams

February 3

Arpita Upadhyaya (MIT)
Actin pushy and pulling springs: Two forms of biological motion
Host: Williams

February 10

Gianluigi Catelani (Columbia University)
Interaction corrections to transport in disordered metals: quantum kinetic equation and the Wiedemann-Franz law
Host: Chubukov

February 17

Wei Pan (Sandia National Laboratories)
What’s new in quantum Hall effect?
Host: Das Sarma

February 24

Speaker Bob Joynt (University of Wisconsin)
Quantum Pattern Recognition
Host: Chubukov

March 3 - No Seminar

March 10

Daniel S. Fisher (Harvard University)
Dynamics of Jamming: Glasses, Granular Media, and Simple Models
Host: Michael Fisher

March 17

Stellan stlund (Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Non-fermi liquid behavior of the spin 3/2 Hubbard model near half filling
Host: Einstein

March 24 - No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 31 - No Seminar

April 7 - No Seminar

April 14 - No Seminar

April 21 - Joint Condensed Matter/Institute for Systems Research Seminar

        G. George Batrouni (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis)
        Dynamic response of trapped ultracold bosons on optical lattices
        Host: Eyad H. Abed (ISR) and S. Das Sarma (Physics/CMTC)

April 28

        Masa Ishigami (University of Maryland)
        Electronic properties of sp2-bonded nanoscale materials
        Host: Fuhrer/Williams

May 5

        Francisco Guinea (Institute of Materials Science (CSIC) Madrid, Spain)
        Suppression of quantum effects by metallic environments
        Host: Das Sarma

May 12

        Krishnendu Sengupta (University of Toronto)
        Superfluid-Insulator transition of two species ultracold bosons in an optical lattice
Host: Yakovenko

Friday, May 13 - Special Condensed Matter Seminar
10:30 a.m., Rm. 1201 Physics

        Harald Ibach (Research Center, Juelich, Germany)
        Spin dependent electron energy loss spectroscopy and its application to spin waves and Stoner excitations in ultra-thin films
Host: Einstein

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