Joint Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Chemistry Seminar

Note Special Time
11 a.m., Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Room 1201, Physics Building

 Transport Through Single Molecules: Resonant Transmission, Rectification, Spin Filtering, and Tunneling Magnetoresistance

Harold Baranger

(Duke University)

Abstract:  In the last several years, experimentalists have become able to measure the electrical current flowing through a single molecule chemisorbed between metallic leads. Stimulated by this remarkable achievement, we have undertaken first-principles calculations of the conductance and I-V curve of such molecules. I start by reviewing the predominant methodology for such calculations, illustrated by results for dithiolated benzene between gold leads. Then, I discuss resonant transmission through a molecule containing a ferrocene moiety, a case suggested by experiments of the U. Maryland group. Finally, I extol the virtues of molecules containing cobaltocene moieties, showing examples of an excellent rectifier, a spin filter, and a spintronics switch.
Host:  Michael Fuhrer (Physics), Larry Sita (Chemistry)
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