Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Note Special Time!
10:30 a.m., Friday, May 13

Room 1201, Physics Building

 Spin dependent electron energy loss spectroscopy and its application to spin waves and Stoner excitations in ultra-thin films

Harald Ibach

(Research Center, Juelich, Germany)

Abstract:  Magnetic phenomena have fascinated humanity for millennia. Scientific research on magnetic properties of materials began with the development of electrification in the late 19th century. Ever since then, research on magnetism has been an important part of Material Science. Currently, research is spurred by technological demands for larger and faster data storage device and the attention is focused on magnetism of surfaces, thin films and nanostructures. This talk is about one of the last hitherto unexplored magnetic properties of thin films, namely their magnetic excitation spectrum. By constructing a novel type of electron spectrometer we have been able to look at the magnetic excitation spectrum of ultra-thin films deposited on a nonmagnetic substrate. Several examples will presented as well as an outlook into future applications.
Host:  Einstein
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