Quantum Optics and Francium Spectroscopy

Joint Quantum Institute , Physics Frontier Center at JQI , Department of Physics , University of Maryland

Computer and Space Science Building 2201, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-4111 USA
office phone: (301) 405 9740; laboratories located (phone) in the Computer and Space Science Building rooms B0226 (301 405 8851), B0213 (301 405 8063), and Physics 1305 (301 405 3156). FAX (301 405 0207). TRIUMF Fr trapping facility at ISAC 1 Hall (604 222-1047) X 6774.

Welcome, you have reached the WWW pages of the Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics group of Luis A. Orozco from the Joint Quantum Insitute at the Department of Physics of UMD.

Quantum Optics studies the coherence and statistical properties of light and how they change as it interacts with atoms. Our experimental work in Quantum Optics is in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). A project in collaboration with Prof. Steven L. Rolston, Prof. Jake Taylor, Prof. Christopher Lobb, and Prof. Fred Wellstood studies hybrid quantum information systems. Francium Spectroscopy probes the structure of the heaviest alkali metal atom using laser light and aims to understand better the weak interaction. We are members of the FrPNC collaboration (Prof. Gerald Gwinner Spokesperson), the experiments are carried at the Fr trapping facility at TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada.

The National Science Foundation, the National Science Foundation Physics Frontier Center of the JQI, the Department of Energy, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology support our work. Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica has supported the Research Experience for Mexican Undergraduates in the laboratory.

The group may have research positions: for Post-Doctoral Associates, Graduate, and Undergraduate Students; Summer/Academic Year. Please contact Luis A. Orozco lorozco at umd.edu directly.

Group Members. Includes CVs, collaborators, and past members.

Results from previous and current year: Includes talks, public lectures, poster presentations, and news releases.


Courses Spring 2014

PHY 405 Advanced Experiments. (Co-taught with H. Jawahery)
PHY 499O Introduction to Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics.
PHY FFOP Foundations and Frontiers of Physcs (co-taught with J. Sau)

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