Quantum Optics and Francium Spectroscopy Members

Luis A. Orozco email: lorozco at umd.edu, Office CSS 2201, (301) 405 9740

Brief CV of Luis A. Orozco

Former members including graduate students (links to the PhD thesis), undergraduates, summer undergraduates, and visitors


· Prof. Pablo Barberis, UNAM, México, April 2016 to March 2017; room CSS 2223, phone 5-9401

· Prof. Howard J. Carmichael, May and June 2016; room CSS 2223, phone 5-9401


FrPNC Collaboration

· Prof. Seth Aubin: College of William and Mary, USA.

· Dr. John Behr and Dr. Matthew Pearson : Trinat at TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada.

· Prof. Eduardo Gomez: Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

· Prof. Gerald Gwinner (Spokesperson): University of Manitoba, Canada.

· Prof. Victor Flambaum: University of New South Wales, Australia.

· Prof. Yanting Zhao: Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory of Sanxi University, China.

Quantum Optics

· Prof. Pablo Barberis, UNAM, México

· Prof. Howard J. Carmichael: University of Auckland Physics Department

· Dr. Sebastian Deffner: LANL University of Maryland at Baltimore County.

· Prof. Perry Rice and Prof. James Clemens: Quantum Information Sciences Group at Miami University, OH, USA.


· Dr. Fredrik K. Fatemi, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi MD, USA.

See also the JQI section: Research Group Orozco

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