Quantum Optics and Francium Spectroscopy Members

Luis A. Orozco email: lorozco at umd.edu, Office Atlantic 2201, (301) 405 9740

Brief CV of Luis A. Orozco

Former members including graduate students (links to the PhD thesis), undergraduates, summer undergraduates, and visitors


FrPNC Collaboration

· Prof. Seth Aubin: College of William and Mary, USA.

· Dr. John Behr and Dr. Matthew Pearson : Trinat at TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada.

· Prof. Eduardo Gomez: Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

· Prof. Gerald Gwinner (Spokesperson): University of Manitoba, Canada.

· Prof. Victor Flambaum: University of New South Wales, Australia.

· Prof. Yanting Zhao: Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory of Sanxi University, China.

Quantum Optics

· Prof. Pablo Barberis, UNAM, México

· Prof. Howard J. Carmichael: University of Auckland Physics Department

· Dr. Sebastian Deffner: LANL University of Maryland at Baltimore County.


· Dr. Fredrik K. Fatemi, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi MD, USA.

See also the JQI section: Research Group Orozco

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