Quantum Optics and Francium Spectroscopy Former Members

Graduate Sudents:

At Stony Brook:

  • Gerald Gwinner (PhD 1995 co-directed with Gene Sprouse)
    University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. PhD Thesis: Laser Trapping of Radioactive Atoms.

  • Thomas Puppe (MS 1995)
    Toptica, Germany

  • Stefan A. Schloter (MS 1995)

  • Friedrich Koenig (MS 1996)
    University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK.

  • Jeffrey Ng (MSI 1996)
    Seattle, WA.

  • Juergen Gripp (PhD 1997)
    Bell Labs, Alcatel Lucent, NJ.
    PhD Thesis: Evolution of the vacuum Rabi sidebands.

  • Stephen L. Mielke (PhD 1998)
    Luminartech, Orlando, FL
    PhD Thesis: Intensity correlations and dynamical processes in cavity quantum electrodynamics.

  • John E. (Jesse) Simsarian (PhD 1998)
    Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, NJ. PhD Thesis: Laser spectroscopy and lifetime measurements on trapped francium.

  • Gregory T. Foster (PhD 2000),
    New York City, NY.
    PhD Thesis: Correlation measurements as a probe of fluctuations and dynamics of optical fields.

  • Joshua M. Grossman (PhD 2002)
    St. Mary's College of Maryland, St Mary's City, MD.
    PhD Thesis: Spectroscopy of trapped francium.

  • Wade P. Smith (PhD 2003)
    University of Washington, Seattle WA.
    PhD Thesis: Quantum feedback in cavity quantum electrodynamics.

  • Joseph E. Reiner (PhD 2003)
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.
    PhD Thesis: Conditional measurements, quantum feedback, and cold atoms in cavity QED.

  • Seth Aubin (PhD 2003)
    University of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.
    PhD Thesis: High efficiency francium trap for precision spectroscopy.

  • Susan Metz (MSI 2004)
    Photon Research Associates, Port Jefferson, NY.

  • Florian Baumer (MA 2004)

  • Almar Lange (MA 2004)

  • Eduardo Gomez (PhD 2005)
    Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
    PhD Thesis: Francium spectroscopy and a proposed anapole moment measurement.

  • At UMD:

  • Matthew L. Terraciano (PhD 2006),
    Northrop Grumman, CT.
    PhD Thesis: Cross-correlations and Entanglement in Cavity QED.

  • Rebecca Olson Knell (MSc 2008),
    Boston, MA

  • Adrian Pérez Galván (PhD 2009),
    Vertex, San Diego, CA.
    PhD Thesis: Studies of atomic properties of francium and rubidium.

  • Francisco Elohim Becerra (PhD 2009 from CINVESTAV ),
    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.
    PhD Thesis: Four Wave Mixing in a Diamond Configuration in Rb Vapor; from Generation of 1367 nm Light to Correlations and Entanglement.

  • Basudev Roy (MSc 2010),
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.

  • David G. Norris (PhD 2011),
    Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, McLean,VA.
    PhD Thesis: Experiments in Two-Mode Cavity QED.

  • Dong Sheng (PhD 2011),
    University of Science and Technology, Hefei, China
    PhD Thesis: Preparing the measurement of anapole moment in a chain of francium isotopes.

  • Michael C. Scholten (MSc 2008),
    General Electric, Grand Rapids MI.

  • Andres D. Cimmarusti (PhD 2014),
    Intel, Portland, OR.
    PhD Thesis: Control protocols for manipulation of ground-state quantum beats in a cavity QED system.

  • Jonathan E. Hoffman, (PhD 2014),
    Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, McLean,VA.
    PhD Thesis: Optical nanofiber fabrication and analysis towards coupling atoms to superconducting qubits.

  • Sylvain Ravets, (PhD 2014 co-directed with Antoine Browaeys at Institute d'Optique),
    C2N, Saclay, France.
    PhD Thesis: Development of tools for quantum engineering using individual atoms: optical nanofibers and controlled Rydberg interactions.

  • Jeffrey A. Grover, (PhD 2015 )
    Northrop Grumman, Cambridge, MA.
    PhD Thesis: Atom-trapping and photon-counting experiments with optical nanofibers.

  • Jiehang Zhang, (PhD 2015)
    JQI, UMD, College Park, MD.
    PhD Thesis: Spectroscopy with Laser-cooled Francium and Progress on Atomic Parity Non-conservation.

  • Chris A. Schroeder, (PhD 2016 co-directed with Martin Plenio from University of Ulm, Germany)
    Baltimore, MD.
    PhD Thesis: Exploiting Collective Effects to Direct Light Absorption in Natural and Artificial Light-harvesters .

  • Burkley D. Patterson, (MSc 2016)
    Northrop Grumman, MD.
    MSc Thesis: Transmission Spectra of Rb 87 atoms near an Optical Nanofiber..

  • Pablo A. Solano, (PhD 2017)
    MIT, Cambridge, MA.
    PhD Thesis: Quantum Optics in Optical Nanofibers.

  • Visitors:

    At Stony Brook:

  • Jose Jimenez Mier, Sabbatical from UNAM, Mexico, 2002.
  • Stefano Veronesi, Visitor from University of Siena, Italy, 2002.

  • At UMD:

  • Perry Rice, Miami University, Oxford OH, (Sabbatical 2003-2004).
  • Julio Gea Banacloche, University of Arkansas (Sabbatical 2004).
  • Arturo Lezama, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay (January-February 2009) (Research visit).
  • Chrisian DiFidio, University of Rostock, Germany, March 2009.(Research visit)
  • Eduardo Gómez, from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Summer 2008, July 2009.(Research visit)
  • Pablo Barberis, from UNAM, Mexico, Spring 2008, Summer 2009, March 2010 (Research visit), March 2016 - March 2017 (Sabbatical)
  • Werner Vogel, University of Rostock, Germany, September 2009 (Research visit)
  • Howard Carmichael, University of Auckland, New Zealand, July 2009-July 2010 (Sabbatical)
  • Howard Carmichael, University of Auckland, New Zealand, September 2014-December 2014, April 2016-June 2016 (Research visit)
  • Yanting Zhao, Shanxi University, China, Fall-Winter 2014-15 (Research visit)

  • Graduate Student Visitors:

  • Nicolas Leuillot (Visitor from ENS Paris, France) at Stony Brook (1995)
  • Jin Wang (Visitor from University of Queensland, Australia) at Stony Brook(2000)
  • Stefan Kuhr (Visitor from the University of Bonn, Germany) at Stony Brook(2001)
  • Arturo Fernández (Visitor from Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) at UMD Fall 2007
  • Ronan Bourgain (Visitor from the Ecole Normal Superieur, Cachan, France) at UMD Spring 2008
  • Pablo A. Solano, (Visitor from the Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) at UMD Spring 2011
  • J. David Wong Campos (Visitor from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico) at UMD Spring 2013
  • Wanderson M. Pimenta (Visitor from Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) at UMD Oct. 2012-Aug. 2013
  • Pierre Dussarrat, (Institute d'Optique, Palaiseau, France) at UMD Summer 2014
  • Eric Magnan, (Institute d'Optique, Palaiseau, France) at UMD Summer 2014
  • Dorian Isnard, (Institute d'Optique, Palaiseau, France) at UMD March to August 2015

    Exchange Students at Stony Brook:

  • Juegen Gripp (1992)
  • Axel Goerlitz (1993)
  • Martin Albrecht (1994)
  • Roland Knorren(1994)
  • Volker Kilian (1994)
  • Mario Heid(1995)
  • Thomas Pupe (1995)
  • Stefan Schloter (1995)
  • Frederik E. W. Koenig (1996)
  • Frank Dimler (2003)
  • Florian Baumer (2004)
  • Almar Lange (2004)

  • Postdoctoral Associates:

  • Daniela Manoel, Campinas, Brasil
  • Daniel Freimund, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Yanting Zhao, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China
  • Jietai Jing, Normal University Shanghai, China
  • Zhihui Yan, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China

  • Undergraduate Students:

    At Stony Brook:

  • Michael Andrews (BSc 1994)
  • Lizz Judge (BSc 1995)
  • J.-Y. Jeong (BSc 1995)
  • David Entenberg (BSc 1996)
  • John Janis (BSc 1997)
  • Daniel Greenbaun (BSc 1999)
  • Boris Peker (BSc 2000)
  • Steven Christe (BSc 2001)
  • Masaki Tsukuda (BSc 2002)
  • Daniel DaSilva (BSc 2002)
  • Mathew Bubelnik (BSc 2003)
  • Chuiyi (Ginny) Woo (BSc 2004)

  • At UMD:

  • Jon D'Adamo (BSc 2004)
  • Ryan Fisher (BSc 2004)
  • Blaz Kavcic
  • Thomas Gresock (BSc 2008)
  • Joffrey Peters (BSc 2007)
  • Noahm Reisen
  • Daniel Schwartz (BSc 2007)
  • Leo Singer (BSc 2009)
  • Brian P. Smith (BSc 2008)
  • Bryan Adomanis (BSc 2008)
  • Eric Cahoon (BSc 2009)
  • Jonathan Hood (BSc 2009)
  • Daniel Hemmer (BSc 2010)
  • Joshua Crawford (BSc 2011)
  • Artem Shvadskiy (BSc 2013)
  • Austin Wood
  • Ian Schoch (BSc 2013)
  • Gary Chen (BSc 2013)
  • Peter Kordell (BSc 2013)
  • Uchenna Chukwu (BSc 2014)
  • Burkley D Patterson (BSc 2014)
  • Christiane Ebongue (BSc 2014)
  • Karthik Gopalan (BSc 2015)
  • Connor Hart (BSc 2015)
  • Michael Kossin (BSc 2015)
  • Xavier Gutierrez (BSc 2017)
  • Luke Corcos (BSc 2016)
  • Tamar Lambert
  • Jordan Corbett-Frank (BSc 2018)
  • Adnan Khan (BSc 2017)
  • Eliot F. Fenton (BSc 2018)

  • Undergraduate visitors (some through the summer program of the Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica, Division Altas Energias, and DICU):

    At Stony Brook:

  • Braulio Gutierrez [1996] (from UNAM, PhD UT Austin)
  • Gabriel Ramos [1996] (from UNAM, PhD UA Tucson)
  • Betina Delgadillo [1997] (from Tecnologico de Monterrey)
  • Erik Rosas [1997] (from Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, PhD CIO)
  • Manuel de la Cruz [1998] (from Universidad de Guadalajara, PhD Rochester)
  • Pedro Quinto [1998] (from UNAM, PhD Rochester)
  • Ignacio Gallardo [2000] (from UNAM, PhD UT Austin)
  • Adrian Perez [2000] (from Universidad Iberoamericana, PhD UMD)
  • Salvador Hernandez [2001] (from BUAP, PhD UNAM)
  • Julio Vargas [2001] (from UMSNH)
  • Monserrat Bizarro [2002] (from UNAM, PhD UNAM)
  • Guillermo Mallen [2002] (from Universidad Iberoamericana)

  • At UMD:

  • Vicente Torres [2004] (from UNAM)
  • Edgar Vigil [2004] (from Universidad de las Americas)
  • Emiliana Rodriguez [2005] (from UNAM)
  • Adonis Reyes [2005] (from UNAM, PhD Technical University of Delft)
  • Carmen Hernandez [2006] (from UNAM)
  • Itzel Santizo [2006] (from UNAM)
  • Carla Orozco [2007] (from ITESO worked with Jose Helim Aranda in Bio-enigineering)
  • Eloiza Zapata [2007] (from UNAM)
  • Damian San Roman [2007] (from UNAM)
  • Karina Jimenez [2007] (from CINVESTAV, worked with Chris Helmerson)
  • Neil Corzo [2007] (from CINVESTAV worked with Paul Lett)
  • Isabella Schramm [2008] (from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosí)
  • Marduk Bolaños [2008] (from UNAM)
  • Diego Quiñones [2009] (from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosí)
  • Jorge Gomez [2009] (from Universidad de Guadalajara)
  • Jesus Ramon Ramos [2010] (from Universidad de Guadalajara, PhD Toronto)
  • Jose Eduardo Uruñuela [2010] (from Universidad de Guadalajara)
  • Esteban Castro [2010](from UNAM, worked with Trey Porto and Steve Rolston)
  • Dalia Ornelas [2011] (from Universidad de Guanajuato)
  • Ana Valdés [2011] (from UNAM)
  • Maria del Carmen Ruiz [2012] (from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosí)
  • Eslava del Rio [2013] (from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosí)
  • Jorge O. Gómez [2013] (from UNAM)
  • Alan Preciado [2015] (from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California)
  • Andrés Arámbulo [2015] (worked with Jordan Goodman from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California)

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